Thursday, September 12, 2013

Have to make changes in any kits I make from now on.

Well, a certain artist who sells CU stuff has changed her TOU and decided that we can buy her CU stuff but can't use them in any freebie kits. Well, all I do is freebie kits because to me it's just fun and an outlet for me to relax and I enjoy sharing them.  So I will not be removing any kits I have made so far but I will not be buying any CU items to go in my freebies anymore. I guess I will just have to work a little harder to make things myself which is fine because I enjoy that too. But I really believe if you buy their work, you should be able to use it, even if it is in a freebie kit. I always have credited designers in my TOU and Credits and any other works from anyone I have used, free to use or pay to use.  I suppose this might be due to piracy by others as I have seen notes about on other people's blogs, but don't kill the messenger ya know?! I legally have purchased or I have made myself all the stuff in my kits and I read the TOU's, each and every one, including feebies and abide by them. This kind of thing just discourages newbie's like me and makes us lose interest in even doing kits. That it turn discourages us from buying stuff from stores so the designers make less money. But ok, whatever! Done venting! Carry on!

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  1. I am just coming across your blog, and I love your work! I know this message from you is 3 years old, but I agree with you. If you buy something from another artist, and you want to use it in a freebie kit, what in the world is wrong with that?! Some people are such butt holes, pardon the French! >:(