Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 Been feeling a bit better but still very little mojo is any! LOL  Hope everyone is staying safe and not getting too bored.  Well just wanted to pop in and say Hi! Have an awesome day! 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

 Long time - no posts! LOL  Still having alot of health issues and just don't have any mojo whatsoever.  Hoping once I get done with a new course of meds that maybe I will get some energy and creativity back. So we will see. And the heat is not helping! Rarely do we get over 100 but looks like its gonna be that way for the next week at least. And we've had no measurable rain since April so the wild trees and plants, not to mention the wild animals, are suffering badly.   In the meantime just want to say that I hope everyone is staying safe from Covid and here's hoping we have a good, safe vaccine by Christmas. Take care ya all! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Still alive :)

So this is a crap storm huh? Who thought something like a plague could happen in this day and age! Been a long time since I got on here since I been dealing with health problems and now I have to stay in, have been home for about 3 weeks now and soooooooo boooooorrrrrrrddddddd! But my mojo is gone . . . could be stress or I'm just not into tagging much anymore. I did make this tho, feel free to snag if ya want:

I'm both luck and un-lucky to live in a rural area. We have lots of distance between us out here but town is pretty much full of people running around, with their kids in tow, and teens walking around in groups since they are all out of school. But this is the "wild west" still and alot of people still think this is some kind of government hoax to take away their freedoms. *heavy sigh*  Apparently ignorance is bliss. 
Anyways stay safe, stay sane and hopefully this will be over soon. Now me, I've taken to wandering my yard till my knee starts to ache too much or watching tv til my eyes burn.  And for heavens sake, don't believe everything you see on Facebook or hear from people. People read one or two words of a story or the headline and think the sky is falling! LOL  Like the dumb person who drank fish tank cleaner (😱) cause someone is working on a drug with one of the ingredients for the virus! Killed himself. Ugh. Be smart! 
Take care everyone! 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Hello! Yup still alive just still *sigh* dealing with back and knee issues so have not done hardly any creating.  I have closed Taggerz Haven and joined my friends LaSmiley and Kat4evr on their new group, Taggerz Paradise.  You should check it out! There is lots to do there and they are always having fun contests where you can win free tubes!!!
Here is the link:  http://taggerzparadise.forumotion.com/

Anyways I will try to post in here once in a while and hopefully when the weather cools off (been so freakin" hot for months!!!) maybe I will get some mojo again! LOL

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hello! Still alive and kicking! LOL Just wanted to let ya all know that I will probably be closing my group, Taggerz Haven, by June.  It's been really fun and I have met so many awesome people but time marches on and I find I just don't have the time I want to just have fun! I know I make it look effortless (giggle!) but it takes a bit of work to run a group, take care of a house, 3 aging doggies and 1 weird cat.   I haven't had time to make tags like I want and maybe even go back to making kits.  So I will instead just be a regular members in a group or two and play!
And if you want to join a really fun group, you should check out this one:
A friend of mine opened it this past year and there is a lot going on there!

I will prolly keep my blog cause who knows, I might wanna share stuff.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Hello! No I'm still alive! LOL

I finally updated by blog background. Yyyaaayyy me! LOL  Been dealing with severe back and knee problems for more than a year so just did no feel like doing much of anything. Still dealing with it but got a tiny burst of energy so thought I am going to see if my blog is still there! And surprise . . . it was!
So anyways will try to post once in awhile even it its only snags.  Who knows . . . maybe I will get more mojo to try a kit again . . . but don't count on it!
Have a wonderful Spring ya all!


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Just popping in a sec!

I have been dealing with some health issues and not spending much time on-line (as you can tell by my outdated blog! :) Oh well sucks to get old! I hope to get some mojo eventually but might take some time. In the meantime I think my kits are still downloadable so go for it if ya want.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Hello! Finally got a bit of mojo and made some extras if anyone can use them. Be sure to click them to make them bigger.  My mojo is almost non-existent these days due to a lot of back pain from degenerative disk decease which makes sitting at my computer a misery usually. But if I do come up with anything I will be sure and post them! Happy 2018 to everyone!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Alternative Photo Storage sites

As most of you know Photobucket has changed their terms and wants everyone to pay $399 a year just to be able to post your images on websites and forums even if you have a paid account with them! Outrageous! I was a paying customer for years and was happy with them but for about the past year it has been awful! Unable to log in half the time, ads popping up all the time and hi-jacking my page even with anti-adware software on my computer! I'm pretty sure I got a virus on my last computer that crashed from them also. And that was when I was paying for their crappy service! Finally when it came time to renew my subscription I decided not too and let my account roll over to a free account. After that I was unable to even sign in and the ads and crap on their website more than doubled!!! Soon after that they changed their terms to this ransom they want! No freakin way!!! Who needs them anyways! Below are some sites that allow free image storage and hosting too I believe.  I only have a PostImage site right now and I am delighted with them! No pesky ads at all! Easy and fast to use! I was shocked how quickly things upload on their site even with my not-so-fast internet.  Anyways, if you are looking for a new storage site, give one of these a try:

(not sure if all are image hosting sites or just file storage sites but check them out)

https://postimage.io/  (image storage)



OneDriveLive - https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/

DropBox - https://www.dropbox.com/

ImgBox - https://imgbox.com/

TinyPic - http://tinypic.com/  (image storage)

JumpShare - https://jumpshare.com/

Imgur - http://imgur.com/upload

Box - https://app.box.com/login (file storage I believe)


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Still here! LOL

Well turns out I like being part of the Blogger community and so I guess I will leave this blog up for now. I am surprised people are still downloading the little kits I have made in the past and I even am seeing my snags here and there sometimes. LOL Who knows, maybe my mojo will return one day.