Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Under the Sea" Freebie Mini Kit!

As promised I have a little mini-kit for you! I made another kit exclusively for my group, Taggerz Haven, but wanted to share a few of the things in the kit to everyone who wants it! So here is the preview of the Exclusive for the group (not all shown):

The only way to get the whole kit is to come join my group!!! How's that for a little bribe eh?? LOL
But here is a little part of the kit for everyone who wants it!! Hope you can use it!!
(unable to preview as wonderful Photobucket deleted my image! Grrrr! But it has some of the stuff above.)

You can get it here:

Happy Tagging!!! And if you do make something with this, I would love to display it on my blog! Just send it to my email which is included in my TOU. Thanks!!!



  1. hi vesta, i joined your group but can't find this beautiful kit.

    Love from Holland, Claudia