Saturday, July 23, 2016

Download Links re-done for some of my kits and stuff

Ok, I am trying to redo the links for some of my FTU kits that I still have. Hope they work!!! I don't know if they get rid of older stuff on free accounts at Box and 4Shared or not but I did have a friend try these links and they worked for her.  If you need to see the previews just scroll thru my blog, they're in here someplace! LOL

Soft Love Kit by Vesta

Christmas Pink N Blues by Vesta

Under The Sea Mini-Kit by Vesta

Spring a Ling by Vesta

Bright Valentine by Vesta

Mid Summer Dreams by Vesta

Irish Lass by Vesta

Shot thru the Heart by Vesta

Pink Love by Vesta

Pink Ice Xmas by Vesta

Hint of Autumn

All Hallows Eve by Vesta

Emo Halloween by Vesta

And here is some of the misc stuff I've made:

Emo Halloween Cluster Frame by Vesta

Bad Girls Need Love Template by Vesta

Boston Strong Template by Vesta

Grunge Mask Set by Vesta

Hot Fun Template by Vesta

Hot Stuff Template by Vesta

Shamrock mask by Vesta

Spring Template by Vesta

St. Patrick's Day Template by Vesta

Summer Hottie Template by Vesta

Well, that's about it. I hope to get my kit mojo back someday and start creating again but for now it is just too time and resource consuming for me.
Hugs to you all!



  1. Thank you Vesta! However, I am unable to download the ones in your Box account.
    I hope you start designing again soon for I love your work!

  2. Well that is odd!! I had a couple of friends check them and they were able to download the ones in Box. Hmmmm. Maybe I will have to move them to 4Shared although I really don't like that site as much as Box. Ok will give me a few days and check back. Sorry Lori!

  3. Ooooh I guess you have to have a free Box account now to download from there. Well dang it!